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No time to eat? Try Factor 75

EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE a company comes along and knocks it out of the park…Factor 75 is one of those companies. These are pre-made meals that are not frozen and shipped fresh every week! The company emphasizes things like antibiotic free, no preservatives and gluten free options. They also offer several categories to choose from in each box and the most important part?


They come shipped in a refrigerated box and can be heated in the microwave for 2 minutes. It’s as if you got all your meal-prepped food sent direct. Most of the meals I’ve tried have been around 450-500 calories and protein contents range from 20-45 with the majority of the dishes I chose coming in higher to 45.

Ordering is easy, just pick how many meals you want sent to you weekly and selected the specific meals you would like. Current customers are given codes to give away free meals or free money through the company so before you order, make sure you get a deal.

These meals have proven ideal for my busy clients, specifically business owners, executives, and real estate agents. The meals are a bit pricey coming in at around $12-$14 per meal…but if your other option is to eat bad food or not eat at all, bite the bullet and order.

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this company.

Nate Furlong
Founder of Well Fit life, LLC

Karen MacLeod

I don’t see anywhere how to order these Factor 75 meals

Well Fit Life

Hi Karen!

go to Factor75.com !

Linda Tomala

I love the sound of this and because you recommend it, I am interested and will check it out. The price of meals is well within what Tom and I spend on carry-out.

Well Fit Life

Lovely! I hope they add value!

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