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The Muscle That Fixes Everything: Part 1

Trainers have been trying for decades to figure out the perfect posture, perfect exercise form, perfect loading parameters, perfect angles and implements to keep the human body healthier and stronger.

If this industry were more honest, you’d find that we’ve failed…

The approach of “better form, better loading…etc” to keep the body healthy is necessary but short-sited. As movement science continues to advance, we’ve found one very humbling fact to be true…the body is infinitely more complex than we could’ve ever imagined.

Among those complexities is the understanding that our bodies have a number of systems that operate outside of our conscious control. Your heart beat and food digestion are two easy examples. Your heart beats 24/7 and your body breaks down and digests food completely without conscious input from your brain.

We shouldn’t be surprised to find that our muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments and discs are all governed by a similar system – a system that operates outside of our conscious control. A system that is open for input like proper exercise form, foam rolling, strength training and stretching; but ultimately decides what it’s going to do on its own.

The health and fitness industry is desperately trying to solve this one question – “how do we get people feeling better and reduce risk of injury?”

How do we get this super complex organism that we call the human body to sense, respond, fire, function and pump in such a way that friction and shear forces across joints that cause injury are reduced?

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…I present to you the one muscle that can help fix everything.


The diaphragm is one of the major muscle for breathing. The muscles of your hips run through it, and it plays a major role in stabilizing your spine. Breathing drills that open the diaphragm can reduce rotations, relax your muscles, calm your connective tissue tension and put you to sleep. I’ve seen it loosen up tight shoulders, reduce back pain and dramatically increase strength.

The drills associated with keeping this one muscle healthy and moving seem to have a marked benefit on every part of our bodies – without strength training or stretching. Think about it – you can’t live without breathing. Breathing is the action that feeds oxygen to the rest of the body. Without it, your brain and heart cease to function. We can keep people alive who are brain dead just by putting them on life support. The breathe and the associated muscles of breathing govern every other action in our bodies – and working on drills can potentially play a role in fixing every issue in our bodies.

Stay tuned for Part 2 as we dive in to how to start working on the strength of the Diaphragm.

Nate Furlong,
Founder, Well Fit Life, LLC

The Muscle that Fixes Everything: Part 1


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