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Nate Furlong- Owner


Over the past twelve years, Nate has been studying health and fitness and the role it plays on the human body. He has a degree in Health Fitness in Preventative and Rehabilitative Programs from Central Michigan University; and certifications in Massage Therapy, Personal Training, Clinical Exercise, Cycle instruction and ViPR systems. He is also certified golf professional through the prestigious Titleist Performance Institute. He has managed fitness programs and specialized with human metabolism and corrective exercise. He is a triathlete, run and cycle form analyst, and works in performance enhancement, rehabilitative exercise, program writing and lifestyle management.


Golf/Sports Performance
Nate has coached golfers for Michigan State, Bucknell University, the University of Michigan and Florida state. He also coaches professional golfers and has acted as a consultant for Eastern Michigan University for golf programming. Currently, Nate is the associate editor of Health and Wellness for The Mulligan golf magazine.

Nate is a regular consultant for the National Academy of sports Medicine and is often called upon to help review and refine procedures for testing trainers world wide. His expertise has helped advance and elevate the standard of the of personal training.

He is most known for his ability to combine massage therapy and an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to help fix painful joints, get dramatic weight loss and restore function to the root systems of the body. With several years experience in cardiology and physical therapy, Nate is equipped to handle complex training situations.


Ian Johnson – Senior Trainer/Egoscue Certified
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Ian Johnson is a Master Trainer and is certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer and golf fitness specialist. He is also Egoscue certified to help reduce pain through movement. Ian’s fitness journey began after 5 years of working on the road and in-hospital as an EMT. His work gave him an up-close and personal look at what happens to an individual who neglects their health for long periods of time. This experience, coupled with Ian’s love for people sparked a passionate interest in the search for new ways to positively impact lives.  As a trainer, Ian specializes in strength gain, fat loss, posture therapy and navigating difficult issues with the body.

Jeff Siegel – Senior Trainer/Talent Development
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Jeff is a legend in the training industry and is well known and respected by trainers throughout Michigan. He brings over 25 years of experience in personal training, trainer development, trainer management and program design. His training style can best be described as a combination of science meets stand up comedy. Specialties include injury rehab, exercise for seniors, weight loss, post bariatric surgery and body transformation.

Jeff’s certifications include ACE, NASM-CPT and CES (corrective exercise specialist), NSCA and Peak Pilates.

Kevin Allen – Personal Trainer
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Kevin started training back in 2013 and holds his NASM certification. As a 20 year military vet, Kevin specializes in program design and has a plethora of experience in all things cardio – including running and cycling. As a single father, business man and all around good guy, Kevin is passionate about encouraging people to work hard to enhance their life and become the healthiest version of themselves they can be.

We specialize in helping people become happy and healthy

Well Fit Life was founded on the belief that exercise, nutrition and flexibility should be life-long pursuits. That means that while we like to push the envelope, the body must be respected and approached as a member of the team, rather than a servant that we try to beat up. We strive to create a non-intimidating, friendly environment where people are encouraged to listen to their bodies, and to have a deepening relationship with exercise, nutrition and mental health. Our primary focus is to help our clients pursue goals such as plain relief, fat loss, muscle gain and recovery/avoiding surgery while teaching them to understand body mechanics, nutrition and flexibility.We want to encourage you to succeed, help guide you with accountability, and be a supporting group of professionals who cares deeply about everyone who comes through our doors.We are a impact driven, relationship based facility that uses movement, nutrition and flexibility to meet the needs of our clients.

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