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Great environment of people who are serious about fitness and always working hard. I always make it a point to come back here to workout when I’m in town.

Betty C

When all the doctor visits, PT visits, scans, and tests failed, I found Nate at Well Fit Life and it has certainly changed my life for the better. Informative, encouraging, uplifting, and enjoyable, Well Fit Life will definitely help you solve and work on your physical problems, as well as allow you to acknowledge your psychology and understand how that can play a part in physical health. I highly recommend visiting Well Fit Life to anyone, as it has helped me a ton! The best thing I can say about it is there's always someone by your side, to talk to, and to guide you through whatever you're going through. I will certainly be back if I ever feel the need!

Scott F

I have been working with Ian for a year now. My husband was working with Nate and suggested I come in. Nate evaluated my state of fitness and turned me over to Ian. Now my husband and I have become one of a a number of couples that work with these two sharp young guys. With their knowledge of the body, creative approach and constant attention to the needs of the trainee, I have returned to the vitality I had as a kid. No longer the couch potato I had become after three years of laziness, I am bounding out of the car, walking easily at a good pace and (drum roll, please) losing weight! I am loving life, experiencing joy and flourishing. I have great gratitude.


My experience here was incredible. You can tell Nate has a serious passion for what he does. He genuinely cares about helping you. I’m sure with many people the results may vary depending on the seriousness of the injury but he fixed my acute lower back pain in just one session, I couldn’t believe it. Thank you, Nate, for having the passion you do.

Trevor D

Well Fit helped me get past a herniated disc and I couldn't be more grateful. The training was just perfect for what I needed, timely, prompt and efficient. I recommend them all the time to others

Tyler C

Yesterday I signed to play collegiate golf! I just wanted to say thanks for everything you and well fit life have done for me to reach this point in my career! I know that none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for you, Ian and Kelsey!


“I had IT-band issues in my right leg that caused severe knee pain. Nate watched my running form and helped me to correct a serious flaw, strengthen my core muscles (from the pecs and lats to the knees); and helped to identify several muscle imbalances that caused me to rotate my hips. By bringing my focus to both my exercise form and imbalances, Nate helped me to greatly increase my balance and overall strength. I have had zero issues with my IT-band since I started working with him 5 months ago. Nate’s knowledge and attention to detail was a huge help. I am stronger and faster because of the workouts he created and guided me through. Running, swimming, and biking were fun before, but they are even more fun now that I’m healthy!” *Greg continues to compete in triathlons without any of his former IT pain.

Greg Z , Triathlete

I had a shoulder impingement and was having a serious problem with shoulder pain with any kind of presses. Overhead presses, bench press, pushups, burpees. I went to physical therapy and they got me to the point where I could sleep through the night but any kind of load would make it hurt again. Coach recommended I come check out Nate. it’s been about a month and a half and now I’m pretty much PRing my overhead work and I’m out of pain.


“For several weeks now I’ve been experiencing a sharp pain that runs down my left leg from my hip and wrapping around the outside of my left knee. I had a visible limp, and had trouble keeping up with my kids. At times, the pain was so severe that I had to stop walking to rest or stretch. I was relying on ibuprofen in order to sleep. The muscle stripping Nate did has completely eliminated the pain. The process was uncomfortable, but no worse than the existing pain. I do have some bruising along my leg from the process. For over a week now, I haven’t stopped once because of my knee. I was able to complete an indoor triathlon just two days after he worked on me. I ran the entire time and didn’t think about my knee once. In fact, I’ve all but forgotten how much it hurt. Thank you!” * Ann won a 90 day weight-loss challenge by dropping over 40 pounds during the competition. Her knee remains pain free. Check out here video interview here

Ann R

“I have been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilitis. I have been training with Nate Furlong for just over a year, in that time he has helped take muscles that have not moved much, or at all in many years. My condition has Chronic and Acute pain, stiffness, and immobility. Nate has been instrumental in my overall increase in mobility, strength and general attitude. He was the only trainer at my gym that was both experienced and familiar with not only treating my condition, but making my quality of life much, much more enjoyable. One of my early goals was to be able to play catch with my son, before my time with Nate I could only throw the football maybe five times, and it might go 10-15 yards. Now, I am actually throwing the ball over my sons head! I feel 10 years younger training with Nate. *Paul’s Chiropractic scans showed partial reversal of his condition and rebalancing of muscles along with dramatic reduction in nearly constant pain in his hand, arms, legs, back, neck and hips.

Paul T

I am 30 lbs lighter, I no longer take medication to regulate my cholesterol, and I am stronger than I have ever been. Most importantly, mentally I am a new person. Nate’s ability to assess what you need, physically and mentally, to achieve success is astounding. For me, this journey has been more of a mental challenge rather than a physical one. Yes, Nate is tough in the gym but I had years of bad choices to unravel. His wealth of knowledge of the science behind successful weight loss and his ability to share that knowledge is what made the difference for me.

Trudy Harvey

“I was very lucky the day I met Nate. I lost 45 lbs and went from a body fat percentage in the obese range (38%) to one that was better than optimal (22%). I also improved my cardiovascular health significantly. I now truly enjoy (and actually need) a good workout. Although I know I played a very important role in my transition I can confidently say that I could not have achieved all that I achieved without Nate. From the moment he met me he had an intuitive sense about what I would need to keep steadily working towards my goal. He was not only skilled in the exercise aspect but also very knowledgeable in nutrition. He kept me going through the rough parts and never let me lose sight of the fact that if I worked hard, I could and would accomplish my goal” *Renee became a runner, stayed out of pain, got her life back on track and dramatically reduced her weight as a result of hard work and nutritional guidance. She continues to be a successful business woman, wife and mother.

Renee R, Executive

“Working with Nate has really helped improve my golf performance! The distance and consistency in my ball striking has improved. My strength, balance, and power have never been better. I would recommend Nate to anyone who is looking to feel and perform better. If you are looking for a fitness coach who cares and who can help you get results, then Nate is your guy.”

Chad Elledge, PGA professional Performance Coaching Specialist for the Inner Circle of Golf

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